Still Have Fluid Plans For The Weekend?

• We’re heading into Halloween season, which means that Terror Behind The Walls is starting up at Eastern State Penitentiary (naturally). The menu is by the London Grill and is a three course affair for $60 per adult ($35 for kids). The price is a little frightening, but the only “scary” thing on the menu is the titles of the dishes: “Dead Cow,” “Beheaded Salmon,” and other similar names.

• Obama is in town this weekend, and one of his rallies will be held at the Mayfair Diner. We’re hard-pressed to think of better uses of our time than going to see him, in real life. “An RSVP is strongly encouraged” and you can take care of that here.

• If you’re feeling homebody-ish, which we sure are, what better way to spend your weekend than cozied up with the amazing, amazing New York Times Magazine food issue? Every single article sends us reeling in nerdy excitement and joy.

• Oh, yeah. Go Phillies!

London Grill [MenuPages]
London Grill [Official Site]


Still Have Fluid Plans For The Weekend?