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Sour Economy Continues to Inspire Food Journalists

Boqueria has caught on.
Boqueria has caught on. Photo: Jeff Diesel

Just like Gawker is annoyed by a recent spate of ads pinned on the floundering economy (Denny’s: “Who’s Gonna Bail You Out?”), we’re starting to wonder how many economy-related angles service journalists can come up with for food stories. Adding to the somber stuff we pointed you to in today’s Mediavore, Brian Niemietz of the Post goes hat in hand to places like Enzo’s pizza (where he bargains his way to $1 off of two slices) and Dylan Prime (yeah, no such luck). In the same issue, Carla Spartos revives the trope of suggesting knockoff restaurants (can’t afford Pastis? Go to Lucien!). Spartos does get in a funny jab: “If you like Delicatessen, you’ll love … Totino’s Pizza Rolls from Gristedes.” And for a more sober take on the issue, we turn, of course, to the Times.

Florence Fabricant, adding to Bruni’s survey of restaurants in crisis, points to restaurants that are extending their hours to rake in a few more bucks: Cookshop and Four Seasons are serving breakfast, Ed’s Lobster Bar and Convivio are going to seven-day-a-week schedules, Shorty’s.32 is doing the late-night thing, Veritas and South Gate are filling the after-lunch/before-dinner void, and the Oak Room at the Plaza trimmed its prices by a whopping 25 percent ahead of its opening two weeks from now. But the piece ends on a high note, via a quote from Peter Glazier: “At the high end, New York is holding up better than the rest of the country — much better, so far.” Which won’t stop the gloom-and-doom pieces from coming, we’re sure.

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Sour Economy Continues to Inspire Food Journalists