So Where’s The Lebanese Delight?

In one of our favorite movies, Party Girl, Parker Posey falls in love with a guy who works a falafel cart. In the real world, the falafel man probably throws the food your way and you hope it doesn’t end up on the sidewalk. But the point is, Parker knew the pleasure of falafel and so do we. The day a friend introduced us to the magic that is falafel, our quality of life meter probably went up a few points. Finally, a non-meat treat that makes the perfect sandwich! Years later, falafel is our go-to delivery item when sitting at home with nothing but beer and a block of tofu in the fridge. For those who aren’t familiar, falafel is fried balls of chickpeas. A popular form of fast food in the Middle East (and not strictly a Lebanese meal), it’s now known as one of working America’s favorite lunch time foods.

We cannot rave enough about Phoenicia on Cambridge Street in Beacon Hill. We consider this to be the best falafel around. Do yourself a favor and order a falafel and hummus wrap with feta cheese. A family-run business where every meal is served with a smile, Phoenicia manages to provide the best falafel around for extremely low prices. It’s also a great casual, sit down restaurant for a date or dinner with friends. But best of all, they deliver!

Up the street from Phoenicia is Cafe Podima. While the atmosphere isn’t as aesthetically pleasing, this is the typical take-out and delivery type restaurant. However, the food is definitely above par. The staff is willing to customize your falafel sandwich however you like it, and delivery is extremely fast as well. However, we like to sit at their little tables and watch the Cambridge Street crowds go by. If your stomach isn’t completely packed after their delicious falafel, order a frozen yogurt concoction in flavors ranging from Cracklin’ Oat Bran to Fig Newton.

If you’re heading uptown for a sox game, we favor Fenway’s greatest little secret falafel joint. Hidyan Cafe is a tiny, mostly-delivery restaurant favored by college kids and Fenway residents. Yet again, it’s a family run business where the staff is always thrilled to see a returning face. Whenever we’re uptown to hit up Fenway or the Landmark Center shopping area, we make our way into the quiet streets of the Fenway neighborhood for Hidyan’s delicious falafel roll-ups. So no matter what neighborhood you’re in, ask around just like Parker Posey did in Party Girl, and make sure you find that perfect Lebanese Delight.

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So Where’s The Lebanese Delight?