Sky Full Of Bacon, Featuring Special Guests

If you do nothing else in the next week or two, be sure to allot nineteen minutes to check out the latest edition of Sky Full of Bacon, Mike Gebert’s HD vidcast of all things food-related. This episode centers around Vital Information blogger Rob Gardner’s quest to buy a pig head, turn it into charcuterie, and eat it.

There are two notable faces to look out for in this particular episode.The first, around 8:40, is the first clear shot of the head of the pig, sitting on a cutting board at Mado, staring placidly up at chef Rob Levitt.

The second, billed as Special Guest Headcheese Taster, is me.

Me! First-person me! Not the vague MenuPages voice, but actual physical Helen, Your Intrepid Editor. I show up around 16:45, eat some headcheese, and make various revealing remarks about the culinary/psychological impact of childhood summers spent at Jewish sleepaway camps in northern Wisconsin.

Sky Full of Bacon 04: A Head’s Tale from Michael Gebert on Vimeo.

Check out the full post for Mike’s recap, plus Mado’s recipe for testa, the Italian headcheese that we consumed on-camera.

And, for the record, “Special Guest Headcheese Taster” is totally going on my resume.

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Sky Full Of Bacon, Featuring Special Guests