School Lunch Photo Spread

Forget your normal food-porn fetishizing El Bulli or Momofuku Ko. Those joints are played. Remember that bento box flickr stream? Also played. Today’s Newsday spread on school lunches represents the hottest, edgiest realm of lascivious food photography. Or something.

Anyway, the story is that Newsday profiled three different school lunches, examples of “typical,” “ideal,” and “dream” offerings, two of which (on the higher end) hail from Berkeley. That’s where self-styled “renegade lunch lady” Ann Cooper comes up with school meal plans, and writes books. Here’s what she serves some kids in the 510:

Impressive. Our school meals always looked a lot more like the “typical” example. Check out Newsday for that and a whole bunch of other exciting action shots from school kitchens. Hott.

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School Lunch Photo Spread