San Francisco Through A Visitor’s Eyes

Browsing through some unchecked RSS streams, we stumbled across a lovely little feature on eating/sf called Hosting a Truly SF Weekend. This is a topic of some interest to just about everybody in town, as one of the best ways to enjoy our picturesque little burg is by showing it off to an out-of-towner.

Eating/sf’s Kasey has her opinions (click over to see what they are), but for us, a couple of can’t-miss spots for visitors, especially those here for the first time, include burritos — ideally from Taqueria El Castillito, but sometimes from Taqueria San Francisco, Cioppino from the The Old Clam House, a beer and burger at Zeitgeist if the weather’s nice, or maybe something from the menu at Bender’s if not, and Chinese at Chef Jia’s.

Oh, and drinks at the Tonga Room. Everybody loves that.

These may not be the most adventurous choices, and for real foodies we go big, but your standard, say, East Coaster seeking some local tastes is usually well-satisfied with this itinerary.

Readers, weigh in! What are your can’t-miss options for visitors? Let us know in the comments.

Hosting a Truly SF Weekend [eating/sf]

[Image: Via Sattlers]

San Francisco Through A Visitor’s Eyes