Revised Opinions: We Feel Bad For Graham Elliot Bowles

We kind of tore into Graham Elliot Bowles this time last week, crankily issuing rejoinders for various opinions he expressed in a chef’s roundtable with the Trib’s Monica Eng. What we didn’t report on was the accompanying sidebar article in which the Chefs Of The Round Table (movie! movie! movie!) dish on their favorite kitchen tools. And this shows up:

Bowles says, “The other day I went blueberry-picking in Michigan and I made pancakes … but I just went through a divorce and I realized I didn’t have a spatula. I had to bend a butter knife.”

And now we feel really bad. We shouldn’t have been so hard on the guy. He got taken to the cleaners so hard that he lost his motherfreaking SPATULA. We reiterate: His ex-wife went after his inexpensive kitchen tools. Thank god we are not married — we have like six spatulas, and would be sad if we lost them.

Go eat at his restaurant so the poor man can afford to buy a new one.

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Revised Opinions: We Feel Bad For Graham Elliot Bowles