Review Revue: 10/30/08

• Heather Shouse at TOC kicks off a weekly feature on high-value, low-cost meal deals at various joints around town. The inaugural cheapo dinner is the $20 prix fixe found at Fonda del Mar on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights. It involves pork shoulder.

• One of the millions of members of the NBC5 Street Team gets the tasting menu at Wrigleyville’s Angelina Ristorante, loves it deeply.

• The @tweatout team is trying to kill us. That is the only excuse for three reviews in one day. ONE: lunch at Bourgeois Pig “does not suck despite being featured on Rachael Ray.” That is actually a supremely helpful caveat to be aware of.

TWO: Weaksauce at Hackney’s Printers’ Row. (What, no “hackneyed attempt” puns? We’re disappointed.)

THREE: a “cluster$@#% of a pizza” at Antica. That’s a bad thing. Stay away.

• KingT asks the age old question: what the heck is Philly’s Best? A fitting question, considering some baseball thing apparently just happened. Philly’s Best turns out to be a place to get philly cheese steaks. Good ones. Really good ones.

• The Ludicrously Prolific One files on the falafel at Oasis Cafe for the folks at Serious Eats. We learn much about Mr. Nagrant: his best friend is named Aamir, and he would prefer roast meat on a spit to diamonds. (Hey Mike: you can exchange diamonds for goods and services! Which include roasted meat, and the act of roasting meat!) Verdict: Terrific falafel.

Review Revue: 10/30/08