Review Revue: 10/29/08

• Ms. Smartypants (no, really) doesn’t pace herself well at La Scarola and fills up on bread and salad. Next time: strategy!

• @tweatingout fills their 140 with a report on Drew’s Eatery, suggests you buy some ice cream for your girlfriend.

• Drive Thru’s Kaitlin Olson thinks it’s unlikely she’ll ever order anything but the Italian beef from Mr Beef on Orleans. It’s that good.

• Daniel Zemans and the team at Chicago Pizza Club descend en masse at Piece for some good old New Haven-style pizza (red, white, and plain). Also: is there a CPC clam pie curse? They didn’t like it either here or when they visited La Madia.

• KingT declares that the fare at El Gallo Bravo “passes the taco test.”

• Tastybeat is riding the Panes train: great sandwiches, seriously.

• Chicagoist has the first we’ve seen from inside the new Deleece Grill Pub (in the old Shochu space).

Review Revue: 10/29/08