Review Revue: 10/23/08

• The ladies of Chicago Bites have mixed feelings about Red Light. On one hand, they love chef Jackie Chen. On the other hand, the food is meh. On yet a third hand, the service was terrific. On still a fourth hand, maybe they’ll go somewhere else next time.

• If you have a cinnamon bun craving that you just can’t ignore, Tastybeat recommends that you head to Ann Sather for something super-sweet and pillowy, or Fox & Obel for something a little more restrained. We heartily agree.

• @tweatingout (that’s their spelling, not ours) files three 140-chars-or-less reports: first, a slam on Bowmans (“major douche bag patronage and overpriced Miller-Lite”), second, solid praise for Garcia’s (“Great food, great prices”), and third, a rave for Capital Grille — who apparently provide “birthday service”!

• KingT heads far afield, all the way to Christopher, IL’s Maid-Rite Sandwich Shop for a loose-meat sandwich. That’s sort of a hybrid of a sloppy joe and a burger, and it is making us fantasize about opening a luncheonette.

• M. Nagrant (we mention him on this blog so much omg) files for Serious Eats on Province, The Bristol, and The Publican (we mention those restaurants on this blog so much omg). We will refrain from commenting on his coverage (we talk about those restaurants so… oh, you get the idea) and instead say that Nagrant’s writing here is really terrific — he might be the master of capturing a restaurant in under 200 words, and he brings the funny.

Review Revue: 10/23/08