Review Revue: 10/21/08

• ChuckEats hands over a thorough writeup of L2O, complete with footnotes. The 12-course tasting menu fell short of his expectations (the seafood isn’t up to par of places like New York’s Masa, for one) but he’s planning to return.

• Newbie blog Tweating Out delivers reviews in 140 characters or less. Today, they weigh in on Apart Pizza. Verdict: thumbs up. (Chars here: 138.)

• Chris Borelli files a first-look on the newly-opened Province. Besides yet another clarification that the restaurant’s name is not “Provence,” as in the French region, it’s a charming piece of work — the restaurant is airy, the food is delicious, the service is chipper. Borrelli can’t wait to go back.

• Zagat issues a proclamation of their favorite coffee shops and delis. Kind of an eclectic selection here — unimpeachable great Manny’s is side by side with yupster brunch spot Orange.

• Robin Nisi Gemma Petrie at Drive Thru gets a drink at the brand-new Logan Square bar The Whistler, where she gets sozzled on fancy drinks at a very un-fancy $8 price point. Rosemary Gin & Tonics, Hibiscus Sour, and Sazeracs? If we knew how to type a whistle, we’d do that right here.

• Chuck Sudo of Chicagoist chows down at Epic Burger, gets in his digs at the fixed-gear vegans (heh), and finds nothing worth complaining about when it comes to beef on a bun with horseradish havarti.

• Matt B of the Chicago Traveler heartily endorses the literature-themed sandwiches at DePaul hangout Bourgeois Pig. Care for a bite of our Great Gatsby? It’s delicious, if ultimately tragic.

Review Revue: 10/21/08