Putting A Halt To Restaurants In North Beach

A controversial bill limiting new restaurant openings in North Beach passed the SF Board of Supervisors yesterday and is on its way to the mayor’s desk.

Board President and District 3 supervisor Aaron Peskin said the bill, which he authored, would pave the way for more neighborhood services such as hardware stores, laundromats, and Copy Centrals. The North Beach Chamber of Commerce opposed it, however, saying it would hinder business development in the neighborhood.

And the mayor? Hasn’t decided. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Newsom’s spokesman said the mayor is talking to neighborhood groups before deciding whether to veto the measure.

“He’s looking at the concerns and weighing the pros and cons before he makes a decision,” spokesman Nathan Ballard said.

But seeing as the supes passed the measure with nine votes, a veto may not matter. But it may. There seemed to be a current of dissent on the board, even with those who approved the bill. From the Examiner:

Supervisor Sean Elsbernd proposed an amendment to extend the timeline to 36 months.

“There are some sites in North Beach, if they went vacant, I think it would be a travesty if they were no longer restaurants,” Elsbernd said.

Of course, the flailing economy might just take care of all those pesky restaurants on its own. But good on the Board of Supes for throwing in some legislation all the same.

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Putting A Halt To Restaurants In North Beach