The Minnesota State Fair: The Aftermath

Our love for the Minnesota State Fair is well-documented. It increased, exponentially, when we came across Mykl Roventine’s remarkable Flickr set of images taken at the fair this year.

Of particular note: The dozens upon dozens of foods-on-a-stick (foods-on-sticks?) available. Not only are these beautiful photographs that also make our mouths water, but the combinations of edible goods and pointy bits of wood blow our minds. Besides the standard hot dogs, corn, pickles, hotdish (alternating meatballs and tater tots), bananas, kebabs, fruit kebabs, deep-fried candy bars, cotton candy, and turkey legs, among others, the 2008 festival saw the introduction of 15 new-to-the-fair foods:

chicken bites, deep-fried ice cream, deep-fried s’mores on-a-stick, deep-fried tator tots on-a-stick, dessert chocolate pizza, fish tacos, Big Fat Bacon on-a-stick (1/3 lb. slab of bacon caramelized in maple syrup), grilled shrimp on-a-stick, Italian breakfast strata, Leprechaun Legs (deep-fried green beans), neapolitan cream puffs, Norwegian-style cheese curds, frozen pickle juice pops, Pig Lickers (chocolate-covered bacon), Walking Tacos and Yaki-Soba noodles.

Whew. And this Flickr set showcases all that, and more… after the jump!

All photos from Mykl Roventine’s Flickr. Rights reserved. [via]

Teriyaki ostrich isn’t quite enough without a stick.

I don’t even know what a nut roll is.

Spaghetti is kind of like a floppy stick already.

Fried cheese > nonfried cheese.

Of course.

Hotdish! With Lutheran Binder dipping sauce.

At least fruit is healthy…

The existentialist option.

The Minnesota State Fair: The Aftermath