Election Night Parties In San Francisco: A Roundup

Aright, we’ve done the best we can without leaving our chair to provide you with a substantial list of options for places to watch next Tuesday’s election. We’re not giving any more ink to the bash of all bashes, aboard FDR’s old yacht, the USS Patomac, because we’re super mad we can’t go, but here’s a roundup of some decent second choices. Please comment if you’d like to suggest more. Perhaps we’ll run a follow-up next week.

First, you’ve got your bars and restaurants with television sets and maybe some bunting and theme drinks something. Here are a few::

Eddie Rickenbacker’s, will serve red, white, and blue shots.

• The Edinburgh Castle will have an “open mike [sic] for rants,” er, which sounds really, um, great. But hey, they’ve got a big screen, and you can get fish and chips and think about our colonial past.

• The Retox Lounge is listed on CultureMob as having an election party, but it seems to consist of DJs and no news coverage or drink specials, so we’re wondering exactly what is election-y about it.

Cantina seems to have the most comprehensive and serious-minded election-night drinking binge. They’re teaming up with the Commonwealth Club and showing a few channels’ live results.

• The League of Young Voters is doing a thing at El Rio, showing the results on a big screen, and promising “lots of cheap shots (of the alcoholic and Palin variety).” Hilarious.

• Finally, another CultureMob tip points us toward the Riptide, in the Sunset, where they’ll be having, get this, depression-era drink prices and election coverage by the Daily Show. So, um, there seems little reason to go anywhere else.

Then there’s the bigger venues — movie theaters, event halls, um, jazz clubs, doing their best to make capacity:

Yoshi’s has apparently already sold out their “Green 960” party, but maybe you can get a last-minute ticket at the door or something.

• The Balboa Theater, out in the Richmond, will show the results on the big screen. This should actually be really fun. That place is a riot.

• There’s the official, Democratic Party-Sponsored Barack Obama victory party at the Mezzanine.

• The Yerba Buena Center is doing some sort of something that is free but has a cash bar.

Finally, there’s the breed of election night party that caters to that rarest of minorities: The San Francisco Republicans. We found one so far:

• The Jones Roadhouse, which the SFGOP insists on calling the “Jones Bar” for some reason, hosted our elephantine contingent during both debates. Now, it will welcome the tusked ones once more for the final act of this two-year drama known as the 2008 presidential campaign.

Election Night Parties In San Francisco: A Roundup