Philly Is A Cheesesteak Kind Of Town

There are pluses and minuses to being known for a regional specialty, but we think that on balance, it’s pretty okay to be notorious for something like cheesesteaks. Sure, it means that on a national level, other foods in Philly can get overlooked, but it’s also something recognizable. That, and they’re famous for a reason.

One little corner of the internet, Campfire Goods, is doing their part to champion (or is it perpetuate?) regional food truths/myths/stereotypes with a series of t-shirts. We are partial to this one:

But there are also t-shirts for Chicago (hot dogs) and San Francisco (burritos), among others.

Not sure that we’d go around wearing one of these, but the intent is something that we can get behind!


Philly Is A Cheesesteak Kind Of Town