Prida In At One Sixtyblue; Phil Vettel Can See The Future

We were going to make the joke, but Phil Vettel beat us to it:

At the risk of sounding immature: Told you!

Back in August I raved about Stephanie Prida’s desserts at Soul in Clarendon Hills thusly: “It’s probably just a matter of time before some deep-pocketed restaurant lures her away, so enjoy the sweet while you can.”

That day has come. On Nov. 3, Prida will start as the pastry chef at one sixtyblue (160 N. Loomis St.; 312-850-0303). “We all went out [to Soul],” says one sixtyblue general manager Arthur Greenan. “Her desserts are exceptional; she blew us away.”

It’s true — not only did he rave about Prida in his review of Soul, but we pulled the quote in our recap.

With Prida joining brand-new executive chef Michael McDonald in the kitchen, and One Sixtyblue’s new plan to present themselves as a “more affordable” restaurant, we wonder if we’ll even recognize the old haunt in a few months’ time. Not all change is bad, of course — and adding Prida to the roster is a spectacular move.

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Prida In At One Sixtyblue; Phil Vettel Can See The Future