Sun-Times, Digested: Bruno Is Too Old For The Bristol

We just spent a merry few minutes on The Google trying to figure out exactly how old Pat Bruno is. Why? We’re actually kind of struck by the levels of old-man snark that Bruno attains in this piece. For starters, the headline of his review of The Bristol actually contains the phrase “noise and prices too high.” You might as well ask the restaurant to get off your lawn, Pasquale. And he continues his streak of hating on communal dining, suggesting that the Bristol team replace their multi-party eight-tops with a handful of two-seaters, and he really doesn’t like the way the small places are priced. Get a dose of this rage:

there is the elephant in the room known as cost vs. value. It has to do with that concept known as “small plates” and “sharing.”

Mr. Bruno finds a plate of delicata squash at $6 to be excessive, though he’s happy to hand over $16 for four prawns. Also, weirdly, he hands a rave to the widely-panned monkey bread. Someone’s assessment is out of whack here, and we suspect it might be the guy who wonders, when presented with chicken and biscuits, “Was this a takeoff on chicken a la king?” One: chicken and biscuits is its own unique dish, Pat. Two: No one has talked about chicken a la king since 1983.

Elsewhere in the Sun-Times, Jennifer Olvera rounds up twenty-two different restaurants that have orange foods on their menu. Oh and in the letters section, a reader condemns Bruno for panning 200 East Supper Club, wondering “How could you betray one of your own (Italian)?” How indeed, Pat?!

[Photo: the $16 prawns at The Bristol]


Sun-Times, Digested: Bruno Is Too Old For The Bristol