OMG, The Phillies!

Maybe not the most dignified of titles, but whatever! THE PHILLIES WON THE WORLD SERIES. This is: crazy, exciting, amazing, historic, vindication of sorts, triumphant, and so much more! In fact, it is so much these things that we are not really of a mind to think of restaurants and dining out… and as it turns out, neither are you!

See, a funny little thing about the oft-mentioned reviews here at MenuPages is that they are often subject to the vagaries of current events. By this we mean that during the Summer Olympics, there was a marked drop in the number of reviews being left each day — particularly during all of the men’s swimming events. The logical explanation behind this tapering off of reviews was that people were so glued to their TVs that they dined out less that week, or at the very least, stopped leaving reviews because once they got home.

Well, the World Series have had an even more extreme, incredibly noticeable, effect on MenuPages user reviews: there haven’t been any new reviews since around 4pm yesterday. Nary a one! Just one tiny little measure of how swept up this town has been by Phillies Phever.



OMG, The Phillies!