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Reformed (?) Bottle-Pusher Starts New Yorkers Against Bottle Service

Looking out for the models.
Looking out for the models. Photo: Getty Images

Ok, so JE Englebert’s announcement that he was banishing bottle service from his clubs looked a little dubious when one of his promoters insisted we buy two bottles to set foot into Prime. But now Englebert is seeking to eradicate lingering doubts (and making like the Patron Saint of Drunk Chicks) by starting New Yorkers Against Bottle Service a.k.a. NABC. We assume that should be N-Y-ABC, but we’re not sure — the press release is nuts. Right down to the lame-dropping of Heather Locklear’s name, it’s even more outrageous than the one about JE’s plan to sue his condo for installing a McDonald’s.

New York City nightlife entrepreneur and owner John JE Englebert is reaching out to nightclubs and lounges across the Big Apple to put an end to bottle service which contributes to high abuse of alcohol in the city that never sleeps. The recent DWI arrest of actress Heather Locklear has inspired Mr Englebert a former friend of Locklear whom she met in the VIP room of the infamous Club USA decades ago when JE worked for the Peter Gatien empire. Club USA was one of the largest nightclubs in NYC history. This latest arrest with other DWIs in the last year from other stars including Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears are all arrests due to alcohol abuse. JE will be seeking help starting next week from “MADD” Mothers against Drunk Driving for there assistance. Recently Englebert has slowed down “the must buy a bottle to get in attitude” at the door of his nightclubs in NYC and wants other owners to join in on the ban.

According to JE, celebs and party girls like Lindsay, Britney and Paris are role models for girls all over the world but are becoming walking time bombs, drinking excessively at VIP tables in nightclubs, bars and lounges supplied by bottle service. “I care about my customer’s health, safety and well being like my own family but no one wants to give up the huge profits and money made by the sale of the bottled spirits. If its in front of you, you will drink it.”

A new organization entitle NABC, New Yorkers Against Bottle Service is being set up by Mr Englebert on October 1, 2008 in which it will be joined by major officials, representatives, mothers against drunk driving and other club, bar and lounge owners in an effort to save lives.

The recent Wall Street meltdown will cause sad times in the financial capital of the world, Manhattan. More alcohol is usually consumed when times are tough. In Mr Engleberts clubs alone alcohol drinking is up over 30 percent since the Wall Street crash. JE will replace any bottle of alcohol for a liter of Coke, Pepsi or Water free of charge, if he feels the customer has partied too much.

Sometimes bottle service can equal the rent of a small studio apartment in New York City. Most clubs even make customers buy a 3 to 4 bottle minimum to get in or to be sat at a table. A $1500 price tag for a table is nuts according to JE. Why not have a few drinks at the bar and dance the night away? If the customer doesnt make it home because of driving while intoxicated then the establishment usually is partially responsible, due to liability law in New York State. “A ounce of prevention is a pound of cure”

John Englebert aka JE is a life-long resident of Staten Island. He is owner of New York City nightclubs Suzie Wong and Prime and the President of the Staten Island Good Neighborhood Association which is a non political group that is dedicated to the health, safety and well being of Staten Island. It acts as a community watch dog organization for good government and civic activities for the people of Staten Island.
Reformed (?) Bottle-Pusher Starts New Yorkers Against Bottle Service