Obama’s Spiaggia Swagger

The Sun-Times confirms our (admittedly not so far-fetched) speculation that Barack and Michelle Obama would spend their anniversary dinner at Spiaggia. But we’re much more interested in the first-person account from the anonyblogger at The Breaking Point:

Last Friday night as I headed east on Oak Street, I noticed an unmarked, navy blue Chicago Police cruiser parked on the south side of the street near Michigan Avenue. No big deal, except that this particular cruiser was immaculate. Even the tires were glossy.

In front of the unmarked cruiser were three new, gleaming black Chevy Yukons, with rows of lights in the upper rear and front windows of the trucks, and red and blue lights in the grills. Parked in front of the Yukons was a marked Chicago Police Cruiser, which two obviously drunk white men mistook for a cab and tried to get into. It wasn’t so clean.

“If you guys want a ride, I’ll be happy to give you one,” the smiling officer, an affable, young black man told them. Times have changed.

‘Where’s the VIP?’ I thought to myself. The light at the intersection turned red, which provided the perfect opportunity for me to gather the goings on.

And then, coming out of the glass doors of Michigan and Oak was none other than Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle. I felt like a groupie.

“Barack,” I yelled, waving and smiling. “Barack! Keep fighting! We believe in you!” Looking somewhat bemused, he waved. Michelle, who was obviously chilly, kept her arms wrapped around herself with eyes straight.

Before seeing Barack stroll out of Spiaggia, where he was celebrating his wedding anniversary, I felt the same way about the word “swagger,” as I do about skinny jeans on men and the now ubiquitous, all-weather/occasion/gender scarves that everyone seems helpless to resist wearing.

But Obama’s swagger was undeniable. He looked more than presidential. He looked like power. Nothing about him clamored for attention, but there was no way to ignore him.

Win, lose or hijinks come November, Barack Hussein Obama is the man.

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[Photo from the HuffPo’s Obama PDA slideshow]


Obama’s Spiaggia Swagger