National: Roast Pork Italian Vs The Cubano

The baseball season may end tonight when Game 5 of the World Series resumes. The Phillies and Rays were tied at two after five-and-a-half innings on Monday when rain forced them to stop playing. The Phillies, up three games to one in the series, could win it all tonight. Here’s hoping the Rays can stay alive (though fans in Philly may disagree).

In addition to great pitching and defense, the teams have another thing in common: both hail from cities (or in the Rays’ case regions) renowned for their excellent treatments of pork in sandwich form. Why Philadelphia is known more for its cheesesteaks than its mouthwatering roast pork sandwich (with broccoli rabe and sharp provolone) is beyond me. Tampa claims to be the home of the Cuban sandwich — though that’s disputed — and restaurants there make some of the best versions of the sandwich in the country.

Why not toast to your preferred team with a roast pork or Cuban sandwich? If you’re up for spending some time in the kitchen, check out this recipe for an Italian roast pork sandwich Tony Luke’s-style. As for the Cuban sandwich, follow the Three Guys From Miami’s instructions, and then add a layer of salami to make it a true Tampa-style cubano.

Not up for cooking? Here in San Francisco, you’ve got a few Cuban sandwich options. Head to Paladar to pick up a sandwich, and in the comfort of your own home, where there are no Miami Cubans to gasp in horror, add a few slices of salami to make it Tampa authentic. Philly roast pork sandwiches are a bit harder to find — in fact, we know of none within the city limits (suggestions welcome on that little problem). Of course, there’s always the cheesesteak: try Jay’s Cheesesteak or Cheese Steak Shop.

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National: Roast Pork Italian Vs The Cubano