National: Molecular Gastronomy For Kids

They may not get to go with mom and dad to wd-50 or Moto, but could young, vege-phobic kids be a new market for molecular gastronomy, with its texture-hiding ways?

That’s the thesis of Sara Dickerman’s article today in Slate. The journalist and frustrated mother picks up a chemistry set Texturas Spherification Minikit to try some homemade tomato and broccoli spheres on her stubborn son (“the Critic”). The results? Mixed:

When tasting time comes, the Critic cries as if I were feeding him brimstone. The tomato gel slides down his chin, but the broccoli doesn’t even make it that far—I don’t have the heart to make him taste it. His baby sister, 8 months old, is rather less horrified—she rolls a tomato sphere around in her mouth.

The carrot air meets with more success, but overall, Dickerman’s experiment seems to be of limited success. Still, it’s an entertaining read, if you don’t happen to be the tiny, appalled subject of her molecular ministrations.

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[Photo: via Dean and Deluca]

National: Molecular Gastronomy For Kids