National: Hipster Ribs In L.A.

Hot damn! We love when restaurant and pop music news intersect, so it was especially fun to learn that The Strokes’ (remember them?) frontman Julian Casablancas is apparently getting into the restaurant business as an investor in Shin, a new Korean Barbecue joint on North Wilcox Avenue in Hollywood.

Yesterday, NME reported (and Serious Eats picked it up today) that the singer and newly minted restaurateur partnered with a host of other hipster-celebrities on the project:

Casablancas is among a string of well-known faces to invest in the venture, including Mark Ronson, actors Gerard Butler, Danny Masterson, Chris Masterson and Laura Prepon and DJ Steve Aoki.

The joint is named after its owner/creator, David Shin. We’re a little disappointed that Casablancas didn’t hold out for it to be called the Strokehouse, or the Strokestack or Is This Ribs, etc. Ah, well, not every celebrity venture can be Dollywood.

The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas turns restaurateur [NME]
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[Photo: Via kaex0r/flickr]

National: Hipster Ribs In L.A.