National: For Whom The Bell Tolls

Don’t you hate it when your hand cramps up from flinging imaginary check marks in the air when you’re trying to get out of a restaurant to make your show? Ever died of dehydration because you couldn’t get a refill on your water?

These are the things that bug us at restaurants, when everything else has gone so smoothly. Couldn’t somebody invent some small device that would put a stop to the small service issues that are such a big bother? Why yes, somebody could, according to Boing Boing:

Yesterday, David and I enjoyed fine lunch at a Chinese restaurant in Urbana, Illinois. The experience was made even more pleasant because of this “wireless service bell button” at our table. Note its four buttons: Waiter, Drink, Money (bill), and Chopsticks (food). Each button produced a different tone, which emanated from a speaker in the kitchen. When I pressed the drink button, the waiter appeared in seconds holding a pitcher of ice water. When I pressed the Money button, he came right out with the check.

It’s like a fancy, 21st-century version of one of those Victorian servant bells. Of course, if you’re in the habit of clapping your hands and yelling, “Garcon!” it may steal your thunder. But maybe you can get some back by trying to tap out tunes with the little buttons.

Restaurant features “wireless service bell button” to summon waiters at your command [Boing Boing]

[Photo: Via Free Clip Art]

National: For Whom The Bell Tolls