National: Do Children Deserve Better Than Chicken Strips? Do You?

We were with a friend in a San Francisco Taqueria some years ago when this exchange happened:

Owen: “Man, I’m not that hungry. I wish this place sold baby-sized burritos”

Adam: “Screw that. I’m getting a super”

Owen: “Maybe I’ll get that, too. Could take half of it home.”

(they order, sit down, and minutes later, burritos appear before them)

Owen (eyeballing a darling, 7lb, 21” roll of meat, beans and whatnot): “Well, what do you know, they do sell baby-sized burritos.”

Adam (face reddening as he struggles to keep laughing out a mouthful of beans): “mphfgh!”

We were reminded of that conversation while reading Helena Echlin’s latest Table Manners column over at Chow. Why don’t more restaurants sell figuratively baby-sized meals? Well, obviously, it’s because they can charge more for more food, making more of a profit per plate.

But Echlin brings in some decent solutions for those who want smaller portions: Order a half-size, cobble together a meal out of sides and appetizers, or get something from the children’s menu. We prefer the latter, as we just looove chicken strips, and there’s a good chance you’ll get a fun-sized Snicker’s bar in the bargain. You gonna eat yours?

Ordering Off the Kids’ Menu: Can grown-ups get little burgers? [Chow]

[Photo: Via David Sifry/flickr]

National: Do Children Deserve Better Than Chicken Strips? Do You?