National: Dawn Of The Monkey Wait-Staff

What a world we live in. It’s a magic time where fiction becomes fact and fantasy intermingles with reality. This is the age of the monkey butler. Remember this exchange from the Simpsons (the Lord of the Flies episode in which the kids are stranded on an island)?

What’s everyone’s problem? I’m glad we’re stranded! It’ll be just like the Swiss Family Robinson, only with more cursing! We’re gonna live like kings! Damn, hell, ass kings!

As “Under the Sea” plays, a fantasy sequence is imagined with the kids living in a wonderful tree settlement. Martin takes a shower. Wendell uses a water slide. Sherri and Terri drive a bamboo and grass car. Ralph pigs out on food and a monkey butler brings Nelson a drink. Back to reality.

And every night the monkey butlers will regale us with jungle stories.

How many monkey butlers will there be?

One at first. But he’ll train others.

We all laughed, didn’t we? Monkey butlers! How preposterous! Only on the Simpsons…

But no more. Chow ran a story on the Grinder yesterday highlighting one of the most important developments in restaurant service and animal training, well, ever. Behold: The monkey waiter:

Look at how earnest the little guy is. How attentive. A-freaking-dorable. Honestly, we’re going to be really disappointed in every human-staffed restaurant we eat at from now on.

Simian, Check Please! [The Grinder]
Pictured: The amazing monkey waiters that serve tables in a Japanese restaurant [Mail Online]

National: Dawn Of The Monkey Wait-Staff