National: A Glutton’s Feast Of Music Videos

Everyone’s all abuzz today over the launch of — a massive repository of basically every music video ever made. We are particularly psyched because there are many many awesome food-related music videos (and songs!) that really get our juices going. Please rock out on these for the remainder of the day.

Bjork’s “Venus as a Boy” — quite possibly the best use of a fried egg since “this is your brain on drugs.”

Björk |MTV Music

Three more classics (including a fearsome man-burger hybrid, a life-size chicken, and millions of peaches) after the jump!

ZZ Top’s “Burger Man”: The tale of a common, everyday man who falls into a pit of toxic sludge and becomes a burger-shaped quasi-monster. Bonus: Hot chicks on spaceships!

ZZ Top |MTV Music

Most people don’t realize that POTUS’s “Peaches” is not a weird novelty rock song; rather, it is actually a thinly-veiled critique of the anti-locavore movement:

Presidents of the United States of America |MTV Music

Cibo Matto’s “Know Your Chicken.” Starring Man, Woman, and Chicken!

Cibo Matto |MTV Music

Millions of other music videos (okay, tens of thousands) are at

National: A Glutton’s Feast Of Music Videos