Name a Fro-Yo Shop

Photo: Courtesy EV Grieve

Last month we mentioned the pending opening of yet another frozen-yogurt shop, Double Fraiche. They’re almost ready for business, but now must change the name due to legal issues with a Fraiche Frozen Yogurt in California. The owners have asked for help from Grub Street’s readers. Name this East Village frozen-yogurt store! If they pick your name, you’ll get “free yogurt for life — one per day limit, no rollover yogurts, and by life we mean life of the business.” Details to inspire you are below; e-mail your entry and contact information to the owners by Monday, October 21.

The Décor: “Our look is of an updated old fashioned ice cream parlor, with counters and small round tables custom made from gorgeous blue celeste marble we sourced from Italy. Wood paneling in high gloss white, and dark wood floors (the floors are actually this amazing tile we found that looks like wood). Schoolhouse lights, walls above the wainscotting painted a Tiffany-blue sky, [and] whimsical white wrought iron chairs.”

The Yogurt: “We have PERFECTED the recipe for green tea frozen yogurt. Our yogurt comes in lowfat, slightly more sweet and creamy (think 40 Carrots at Bloomingdales), or non-fat flavors that are closer to Pinkberry/Red Mango in that they’re slightly icier.”

The Toppings: Mostly organic, but otherwise top secret for now.

Name a Fro-Yo Shop