My Big Fat Greek Dinner

Remember the father in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”? Believing every word was derived from Greek, he would constantly tell anyone who would listen about his own personal linguistic beliefs, also announcing pride in his heritage.

Well, we have a similar theory about Desfina: all the best Greek in Boston must somehow be derived from the kitchen here, because other similar restaurants may be good, but they hardly come close to the perfection at this Cambridge cafe.

Desfina is a tiny, ridiculously inexpensive treat when you’re looking something delicious and Mediterranean. It may look a little sketch with cheap furniture and too few windows, but don’t let the decor in this townie lunch spot deter you. Flaming cheese is always a fun appetizer - I mean, who doesn’t like their food on fire moments before it’s to be consumed? The spanakopita is flaky and warm, and the baked lamb is a bit of a local legend. The fish menu changes daily, filled with shrimp, octopus, and calamari specials. The pub-like restaurant isn’t terrific for vegetarians, but hearty salads and Greek bottled beer can still seal the deal. Just don’t expect people to scream “Opa!” when you walk in the door.

Desfina [MenuPages]
Desfina [Official Site]

[Photo: fonticulus/Flickr]


My Big Fat Greek Dinner