More Debates, More SF Places To Watch

Wait, they’re having another debate? Really? And there’s still more to come? Jeez, is nobody sick of this? Can we just vote already? No, no, okay, we need to hear from these guys some more. There’s still one more after tonight, so it’s way too early to be getting over-saturated.

Anyway, as usual, you don’t want to sit at home and watch this stuff, you want to go out. And it looks like a regular crop of bars and restaurants have positioned themselves as debate-watching centers. By now you know you can go to 2 Lips, Inner Mission, Valley Tavern, Kezar Pub, and so on. It looks like Jones Roadhouse seems to be positioning itself as the local Republican watering hole of choice.

And we’ve heard of some new joints as well (or, at least, new to this discussion): Jillian’s in the Metreon e-mailed to say they were going to show tonight’s grudge match. Also, the latest inception of the un-killable Purple Onion, in North Beach, will open its doors, bar, and television set.

Jillian’s [MenuPages]
Jillian’s [Official Site]
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Jones Roadhouse [Official Site]

[Photo: Bored attendees sleep through a debate, via Communications and Technology Blog]

More Debates, More SF Places To Watch