Mission Street Food Freakout

Dang! Why, oh why couldn’t MPSF have waited a week to report on Mission Street Food truck? Perhaps we could have witnessed the dust-up last night between “James the Hater,” as Burrito Justice has dubbed him, and the unflappable crew of Mission Street Food. Here’s what BJ says:

A bit of drama tonight before the opening — “James the Hater” from Vanguard Properties (the stone building on the corner) came out all agro, getting in the MSF team’s face, yelling that their permit was bogus, they were dirty, they had no right to be there, etc. (MSF does have a permit, they hose down the sidewalk after closing, pick up after themselves and are nice people.)

Anyway, the guy was a douchebag. I don’t think he likes sandwiches. Or people. Was he attacked by a taco truck as a child? Maybe he had just come down from Medjool and was disoriented. So if you see him, tell him to hug it out and buy him a Mission Melt. Karen gets big points for unflappability, especially since The Hater came in with no intent of listening to anyone but himself.

Boo, haters. These guys are all over the place, though, trying to spoil a good time. What about LA’s stupid taco truck ban? Or San Francisco’s super hard core prosecution of the Biotic Baking Brigade (blast from the past, right?). We’re glad Mission Food didn’t let that icky James get to them. God bless bacon and brownies.

Mission Street Food — Drama! [Burrito Justice]
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[Photo: Via Mission Street Food]


Mission Street Food Freakout