Michelin Guide ‘09: The Stars Fell On Napa

Well, the results are in. The Michelin Man has spoken, and The French Laundry remains the only Michelin three-star restaurant in the Bay Area. Also: Two stars for Coi, while Sausalito’s Murray Circle, Saratoga’s Plumed Horse, Trevese, in Los Gatos, and The Village Pub, in Woodside, get on the board with one star. Here’s a little bit of PR copy from Michelin about the ratings, just to brush up:

The MICHELIN guide San Francisco, Bay Area and Wine Country 2009 includes a total of 32 “starred” restaurants, of which one – The French Laundry – has received three stars, six two stars and 25 one star. To ensure a consistent selection, the same five criteria are used for awarding stars in all countries: product quality, preparation and flavors, the cuisine’s personality, value for money and consistency.

One Michelin star (*) means a very good cuisine in its category.
Two Michelin stars (**) mean excellent cuisine, worth a detour.
Three Michelin stars (***) mean exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.

So there you go, folks. We’d love to share the whole Bay Area list with you, but you have to buy the guide to get it, and, well, we’re cheap.

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[Image via Michelin]


Michelin Guide ‘09: The Stars Fell On Napa