Man Stiffs Check, Is Arrested For Murder

After allegedly killing his mother in Santa Rosa, Christopher Anthony Lavis, 41, got himself arrested when he tried to stiff the bill at a Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant.

After reading this small item in the San Franicsco Chronicle, we were tortured with the question: Which restaurant? Fortunately, we still know a few people at the SFPD. Here’s the skinny on the restaurant arrest of the matricidal maniac:

Lavis is accused of stabbing his mother to death last month. Her body was found in her Santa Rosa home on Sept. 27, two weeks after friends couldn’t get ahold of her, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat reports. He was arrested at the Rainforest Cafe at 145 Jefferson St., after his credit card was declined when he tried to pay his $37.95 check.

When Lavis couldn’t come up with any other form of payment, the manager called 911, made a citizen’s arrest, and apparently detained him until police arrived.

Not knowing he was wanted for anything but dining and ditching, the cops brought Lavis over to Northern Station, where they tried to ascertain his identity — a tricky task, as Lavis had no official identification on him. But the tenacious restaurant manager came to the aid of the boys in blue when he called to say he’d found Lavis’s driver’s license on the dining room floor. Can you just hear the “D’oh!” booming out of the suspect?

Well, it didn’t take long, after running Lavis’s identification, for police to learn he was wanted for one hell of a murder up in Santa Rosa. He was formally booked on murder and torture charges yesterday, and is due back in court on Oct. 22 to enter a plea. He’s being held without bail.

In case you were thinking of playing fast and loose with the bill at your local Rainforest Cafe, we suggest you think again. Especially if you have a record.

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[Images: Rainforest Cafe, via Family Vacation Getaways (top), Anthony Lavis, via Santa Rosa Police (lower)]

Man Stiffs Check, Is Arrested For Murder