La Dolce Vita

If there’s anywhere to embrace the sweet life, it’s definitely Boston’s North End. That’s why Dolce Vita, named for the owner’s outlook on life and the beauty of Sicilian culture, is the perfect location to gather with friends for a celebratory dinner filled with bottles of vino and plates filled with pasta. We’re big fans of large group dining, and Dolce Vita is the perfect place to do so.

Located on infamous Hanover Street, there’s no better place to feel like you’ve just stepped off a plane into old world Sicily. While you won’t see any elderly widows dressed in black with shrouds over their eyes, there is a fabulous older gentleman who cruises in between the tables playing Italian tunes on his ancient accordion. We suggest subjecting a friend whose birthday you’re celebrating to multiple musical numbers, as we caught on camera.

There are countless Italian dishes to embrace on Dolce Vita’s menu, but we’re partial to the gnocchi marinara, which is home-made. For the meat-eaters in the crowd, there are options ranging from chicken to veal to beef to lamb and pork. Every dish is accompanied with pasta, so there’s no lack of carbs or deliciousness in your meal. Also, Dolce Vita offers a special risotto menu that changes with the season. So haul a group of friends or family over to the North End to have a delicious meal and to celebrate the “sweet life.” Just be sure to bring a camera in case someone in your party gets a surprise visit from an accordion.

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[Photo:Megan Johnson]

La Dolce Vita