Just As Hard To Spell As That Bookmarking Site

Did you ever get confused when social bookmarking site Delicious used that crazy URL, del.icio.us? Then get ready for yummy confusion, Davis Square style. Deli-icious, a sandwich shop a little outside our normal coverage, has our mouths regularly watering and our minds wandering and wondering: when can we get back over to this slightly out of the way cafe? So much more than a sub shop, we have serious envy for Tufts students right about now. How did we overlook this place for so long?

Deli-icious has some of the craziest sandwiches we’ve sampled recently. Meat-heavy at times, we can’t say enough about the array of choices that include savory roast beef, crispy bacon, or both. The burgers are all topped with fresh veggies and condiments of your choice. Crispy chicken options - from finger to BBQ to grilled form - fill subs and sandwiches almost as well as their beef and pork counterparts. And please, do NOT pass up a side of onion rings or chili cheese fries. Some of that cheap ballpark cheese combined with a gooey meat topping makes some of the best cheap fries around. Getting out for under $10 a person? Sounds too good to be true.

Medium portions mean you won’t be stuffed, but at least you had room for the fries, right? Everything comes with a pickle. Dig in!

Deli-icious, 20 College Ave, Somerville, (617) 629-4444

[Photo: stu_spivak/Flickr]

Just As Hard To Spell As That Bookmarking Site