Hole In One

Who doesn’t love a food missing a little in the middle? In all seriousness, a good donut, Dunkin aside, can be tough to find. Where are the fluffy Krispy Kremes among us? Where are the heavy cake donuts like your grandma used to make? Despite desperate thoughts of buying from the cases in a nearby 7-Eleven, we’ve decided trekking around town for some solid, hole-less fun was the best way to solve our cravings.

Twin Donuts has that crazy old sign marking its longtime Allston territory, but what about the actual food? Breakfast here is always a hit - from strong coffee to eggy sandwiches to chocolate chip pancakes, these folks know diner breakfast like it’s their job. But the donuts, made fresh beginning the night before, will draw you in, starting at 4am if you’re still wandering the streets by then (which, for the record, we don’t exactly recommend). They call them honey-dipped, and while we don’t know exactly what’s been done to these goodies, they’re too good to ask questions.

Cambridge indie biz Verna’s is also home to the honey-dipped goodness that seems to pervade our local donut scene. But they also serve a variety of favorites long discontinued elsewhere. Tried to find an old favorite at Dunkin and realized it’s long gone? Bet you money Verna’s still makes the oldies but goodies, like vanilla cremes, bearclaws, chocolate frosted, and everyday glazed. Hot coffee and a few donuts will only set you back a few dollars, and the local staff is the most pleasant we’ve encountered.

Mission Hill fave Mike’s Donuts offers a big fresh ring of dough, glazed to perfection, made fresh daily (wander by around 10pm to start catching the smells). It’s the kind of spot frequented by ravenous college students and the old man crowd from the block, which is endearing and calming when we walk in. What’s not to love about kids stuffing their hungover faces and gramps reading the paper? We can’t speak too highly of their breakfast offerings in general, but we also don’t mind. Go for glazed donuts, stay for the glazed look that you’ll have in your eyes once you’ve eaten a few of these.

Twin Donuts [MySpace]
Verna’s [Official Site]
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[Photo: daviddesign/Flickr]


Hole In One