‘Hey Food:’ Emotional Eating Maybe Not So Bad

We found ourselves involved in more than one “what’s going to happen to our country?” conversation this weekend and more than once someone mentioned the word “depressing.” It doesn’t take WebMD to tell us that in times of crisis or periods of emotional depression, people look for ways to escape, or for opportunities for comfort, and a lot of times food is the answer. Nonetheless, here’s what WedMD has to say about “Emotional Eating”:

“Depression, boredom, loneliness, chronic anger, anxiety, frustration, stress, problems with interpersonal relationships, and poor self-esteem can result in overeating and unwanted weight gain.”

Ain’t it the truth? And there hasn’t been a more recent time in history when we can think of depression, anxiety and frustration so fiercely bubbling up the surface with every new news headline.

But you know, while it’s true that “Emotional Eating” can pack on the pounds, we remembered that once upon time the good fury creatures of Sesame Street gave us permission to eat away our sorrows, to which we say, right on. Anyone remember this clip?

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‘Hey Food:’ Emotional Eating Maybe Not So Bad