Here’s A Bit Of A Headscratcher!

Of all the publications that would have a “best burger” list, Men’s Fitness is among the last that we would have expected. Doesn’t it just seem counter to their aim and everything they stand for?

Well, regardless, they’ve done a nationwide sweep (partnering with Zagat) to find their ten favorite burgers, because “even the fittest of the fit crave a good-quality burger every now and then.” Among the ten burgers selected? The burger at Rouge. They say

Once you get tired of Philly’s famous cheesesteaks, stop off at the Rouge for the house special: the “Rouge Burger,” made with caramelized onions and Gruyere cheese on a brioche roll, with a side of crispy, homemade Belgium-style fries. Bon appetit.

Okay, so maybe the endorsement is one not of healthiness, but rather of taste and decadence, but if the folks over at Men’s Fitness can eat this without experiencing paroxysms of guilt, that’s good enough for us!

“America’s Best Burger Joints” [Men’s Fitness]

Rouge [MenuPages]

[Photo: the burger at Rouge via Gastronomy]


Here’s A Bit Of A Headscratcher!