Got George?

Do you ever end up at an unknown T stop, hungry and a little lost? We’ll admit it’s a stretch to feel lost on the B line, with its straight shot down Comm Ave. from any Brighton/Allston destination, back into the city. But more than once we’ve been caught at the Washington Street stop, wondering what happens next. Luckily, there’s more than the 7-Eleven and greasy Chinese place across the way, and most of our choices won’t compromise your weekend beer budget.

For starters, you can venture into Tasca for a wide array of tapas and sangria. The menu has something for everyone, including those with dietary restrictions and the broke among us. Can anyone say $4 bottle of wine? It may not be amazing, but that isn’t why you’re drinking it. We also love the crabcakes and goat cheese empanadas. Best for parties or low-key dates, don’t worry if you drove. Parking in the neighborhood is a bit of a nightmare, but Tasca has attentive valets to solve your auto woes.

Next door, one of the best Thai joints in town. Uncompromising, consistently delicious food, Bamboo is great for most any imaginable scenario. Dining in?  Good for an intimate chat, a date, or just a meal with friends. We also happen to be suckers for beautiful fish tanks, and Bamboo has several to watch while you eat. Carry out is a breeze with fast, friendly service and food packaged to stay warm for the better part of an hour. Their thoughtfulness extends to the smallest things, and for that, we love Bamboo.

The Washington Street stop has a little something for everyone, including folks on a budget. Go early, stay late. You still won’t break the bank.

Tasca [MenuPages]
Tasca [Official Site]
Bamboo [MenuPages]
Bamboo [Official Site]

[Photo: Jeff Kubina/Flickr]

Got George?