God, Science, and Communism

Central Square seems to bring out the best or the worst in people. Hipsters show up for rock shows looking their best, while they look down on the vagrants who hang at the bus stops nearby. Sometimes the bus stop guys get into late night fights. More hipsters show up, take cell phone cam photos, and move on. It’s an odd area, especially after dark, and while we may love it, we can be honest about the dichotomy of the square and its inhabitants. There’s one thing we’re not confused about though: the bar food. There are a number of fun pubs along Newbury, and we love the dives of Allston, but when we need the best food with our cocktails, we head to Central.

River Gods, a bit famous for its DJ in the wall and its mish-mash Celtic decor, has some of the best dinner substitutes along our imbibing route. Meatloaf sandwiches, garlic mashed poatoes…and the fries. Have you ever gone somewhere for the fries alone? What if they came with garlic aioli dipping sauce? So that’s mayo, but it’s still amazing. Make it a first and try it. Go for the local brews and potato magic, stay for the great vegan selections. Who knew?!

Miracle of Science caters to the MIT crowd, but we sneak in anyway. Their ingredients range from peanut satay to skewers and veggieburgers - not on one plate, but whatever, it’s all still great. The relaxed atmosphere and interesting cocktails make it a must stop in the area.  We love the MOS style and prefer the more laid back weeknights where we don’t have to stretch to see the periodic table of drinks.

For the proletariat among us, hit up People’s Republik a few blocks down. The atmosphere is soothing and yet appropriately provoking, prompting more than one conversation about the revolution over our years frequenting this spot. While you wait for your comfort food to arrive, enjoy the Soviet paraphernalia, even if you can’t understand half of it. Fish and portobello sandwiches keep us happy, as do fresh fries. Order early - kitchen closes at 8pm and isn’t open on the weekends. But they know how to pour a Guinness correctly, so if you’re craving a great pour, food aside, stop in. Not that you weren’t gonna go with the vibe and order a PBR anyway.

River Gods [Official Site]
Miracle of Science [Official Site]
People’s Republik [MySpace]

[Photo: cenblog.org]


God, Science, and Communism