FYI: Sandwich FAIL

• Warming waters are pushing Alaskan pollock further up north… to Russia! The geopolitical/economic ramifications are pretty enormous. [LA Times]

• Worried about all the contaminated food scandals? A trio of nutrition experts give advice on how to select and prepare your food. [Boston]

• The financial crisis begets the question; do we even know how much money we spend on food? [SF Chronicle]

• A restaurant in the East Bronx, NY is the proud employer of an 88 year old waitress. She sounds like one of the Golden Girls, so it’s not so surprising that she herself is a reason people eat at the restaurant. [AP]

• Iran tried to go for a Guinness World Record by eating the world’s largest sandwich. Things were going pretty well (the sandwich was present, as were the eaters) except for one tiny problem: the crowd got over-eager and started devouring the sandwich before it could be measured. Uh-ohs. [Reuters]


FYI: Sandwich FAIL