FYI: Mechanical Bulls And Lawsuits

• Calorie counting is back, or so says The New York Times. Didn’t realize it had ever really fallen out of favor. [NYT]

• The LA Times editorial board calls for all food from China to be tested for melamine. Here’s a better idea in the meantime: if a food product says “made in China,” place it back on the shelf. [LA Times]

• Environmentalists are urging the FDA to re-evaluate the agency’s position on bisphenol A, which is found in most plastics and has been deemed safe in small quantities. [AP]

• A woman who’s had a bit too much to drink gets on a mechanical bull at Johnny Utah’s in New York. Now she’s suing the restaurant for causing some injuries (which are unspecified) by allowing her to a) get on the bull drunk and b) cranking up the speed to get her to fall off. Isn’t that the point? Someone please dismiss this case. [Newsday]

• A restaurant in Gijon in northern Spain is offering a one-euro recession special lunch menu that sounds like an amazing deal: seafood soup, ribs with rice or chicken or anchovies with a salad, bread, dessert, and a drink. According to a manager, the restaurant isn’t losing money, but it’s not making any either. [China Daily]


FYI: Mechanical Bulls And Lawsuits