FYI: Give A Little, Get A Little

• Despite increased support for biofuels, the UN Food Council warns that it might distract from the more pressing issue of food security. [AP]

• Speaking of the UN! They’re reinstating a free-breakfast program for 450,000 Cambodian schoolchildren. [AP]

• Speaking of free breakfast! Healthy most-important-meals-of-the-day are offered to all Baltimore schoolchildren, who also get free “food group glasses.” [Baltimore Sun]

• The national average for a meal is $34.09, while New York clocks in at $40.78 and Las Vegas at a whopping $44.44. [Bloomberg]

• And in news that will surprise absolutely no one, melamine-laced Chinese imports have been found in yet another country. Today’s special winner: South Korea! [Reuters]


FYI: Give A Little, Get A Little