FYI: Mushrooms, Potatoes, and Oysters, Oh My!

• A grim reminder that the financial crisis is about so much more than jobs, foreclosed homes, and retirement funds: it’s also calamitous news for the global food crisis. [WaPo]

• On the plus side… potatoes? Cheap and less subject to market fluctuations than grains, they are a promising solution to global hunger. Just don’t tell the Irish, circa 1850, mkay? [NYT]

• Oh, China. Although it’s fun to write out sentences like “another day, another melamine contamination disaster!” at this point, we’d rather hear that all is A-OK with your food supply. Sadly, this time, it’s a melamine-tainted egg scare. [AP]

• Crazy weather patterns in Europe = ideal mushroom growing conditions. Okay, global warming. You win this round. [Chicago Tribune]

• The Massachusetts Oyster Project is sowing oysters in the Charles River for the purposes of water clean-up. Neat idea, even though it means they will be off limits for nomming (pollutants and all). [Boston Globe]


FYI: Mushrooms, Potatoes, and Oysters, Oh My!