FYI: Crime And Punishment

• A bound man is found dead in the basement of a chicago restaurant. Cue ominous music. [Chicago Tribune]

• The Mi Tierrita restaurant chain, of New York, will pay out $660,000 in back wages and penalties to workers, some of whom it paid as little as $2.10 an hour. [Newsday]

• A British man pleads guilty to planning a suicide bomb attack on a family restaurant in Exeter. [CNN]

• Once he’s in the clink, maybe our would-be terrorist will get a job at Britain’s prisoner-run restaurant, The Clink. [Telegraph UK]

• In what could be a harbinger of a new danger to restaurants and diners, a deer crashed through the front window of a South Carolina hibachi joint. [Myrtle Beach Online]


FYI: Crime And Punishment