Fruit Slinger: A Blind Item And An Ending

Two attention-piquing bits are embedded near the end of the most recent post on Fruit Slinger, one of our favorite foodblogs. For those of you new to the scene, Fruit Slinger is written by Dan Shumski, a man who, Batman-like, has a dual identity: vendor at various Chicago-area farmers’ markets by day, blogger/freelance writer/pie-maker by night. First up:

10.00 A very famous chef stops by to pick up some cider. I cannot understand a damn thing he says. Hees accent — eet ees so theek! He’s very nice to me, though. I ask him, as I often ask chefs when they buy from us, what he plans to do with the cider. He is happy to relay his plan to me. I understand about half of it.

Very famous French-accented Chicago chef? This is about as close as we get on this blog to a blind item (though there are some juicy off-record tidbits we could share, if we ever find ourselves logging into our blogging software while several sheets to the wind…) Anyway, any ideas who this accented toque with cider plans could be? We’re sure we can find a way to turn it into un scandale énorme.

But second, perhaps tragically:

The season is winding down. This blog is too, by the way. Lately I’ve been reminded of the value of closure. Sometimes it’s what you least want, but what you most need. Also, I’d rather wrap up the blog with some dignity — before it has to be taken out back and shot.

Say it ain’t so, Dan! Are you really closing up shop? Closure is for losers! Don’t go, don’t go! Dignity is vastly overrated — take it from us, you live a much freer life once you let it go.

I’m telling you right now [Fruit Slinger]

[Photo: sad apple, via kellinahandbasket’s Flickr]


Fruit Slinger: A Blind Item And An Ending