Food Fight: Sox Vs. Rays

The traditional (when did this tradition start, anyway? It is so weird.) wager between mayors of iconic city foodstuffs was covered by the Sun-Times yesterday when it was laid down between the Cubs and the Dodgers over their Divisional Series games.

Daley put up “hot dogs, chips, nuts and pop from homegrown companies such as Vienna Beef, C.J. Vitnery, Ferrara Pan Candy and Pepsi Americas,” against L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s wager of … nothing? Thus far we can’t find anything on the wires about a counter wager, not even in the LA Times.

But the mayors of the Tampa Bay area cities — St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Baker, Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio, and Clearwater Mayor Frank Hibbard — are calling Daley’s bluff. So confident are they that their second-rate, nothing-special, backwater baseball club can beat our spectacular Sox that they’ve put up a counteroffer:

coconut shrimp from Cha Cha Coconuts at The Pier, Florida grouper from Mid-Peninsula seafood, stone crab claws from Clearwater’s Frenchy’s restaurant and conch fritters from the Palm Pavilion, Cuban sandwiches and 1905 salad from the Columbia Restaurant, Tampa cigars, key lime pie from St. Petersburg’s Renaissance Vinoy Resort, home-baked cookies from Margaret Ann’s Gourmet Cookies, Florida orange juice and locally roasted Kahwa Coffee.

Daley is expected to announce his Sox-Rays wager later today. And until such time as he issues a west-coast counterwager in the matter of Cubs vs. Dodgers, Mr. Villaraigosa is, in our humble opinion, sticking his thumb in his mouth and admitting his city’s own inevitable defeat.

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[Photo: This dog is on the line. Via joyosity’s Flickr]

[somehow we got very confused when we were writing this and continually flipped our sox/cubs references. fixed, thanks!]


Food Fight: Sox Vs. Rays