Recession Special: Eat Fancy For $2!!!

Dudes, do this RIGHT NOW:

Go to and buy one (or two or four or seven) $25 gift certificates for $10.

Then enter the code “TREATS” at checkout to get 80% off your order. For every $25 certificate, you’ll only pay $2.

A quick search of participating restaurants turned up some great places: Bistrot Margot, Cafe Absinthe, Deleece, all of the Goose Island Brew Pubs, Hot Chocolate, Spoon Thai Restaurant — even the recently-reviewed erwin.

Check with the restaurant you’re planning on visiting beforehand — some of them have check minimums that are required, or other individual restrictions. But on the whole, holy crap, spend your money!

UPDATE: MP:South Florida editor Carolina checked on a high-end restaurant in her region, and discovered that “their restrictions are dinner only, one $25 certificate per table.” So yeah, definitely call ahead to find out what the specific case is at the restaurant you’re interested in. Gift Certificates [Official Site]

[Photo via RobertLZ’s Flickr]

[via Consumatron]

Recession Special: Eat Fancy For $2!!!