Drinking Up Mass Ave

There’s that strip between Harvard and Porter Squares that can feel like just another route between two desirable destinations. We’ve sped down the road between these parts a number of times in our earlier years, ignoring the options along the way, assuming it wasn’t worth noticing. How wrong we were. In the last few years, some of our favorite haunts have emerged along this very path, keeping us warm and slightly intoxicated on the nights when we need it most.

Stop into the Lizard Lounge for live music and poetry if you’re feeling laid-back or like chatting up a friendly bartender. Right below the Cambridge Common, the LL is a bit more upbeat with a great bar menu and loads of drink options. We’ve wandered in more than once to find a fantastic, relatively unknown band jamming in the basement space. It might be one of the ‘Bridge’s best kept secrets.

Further up the block, Temple Bar is an easy mix of fine dining and sports bar - great for gendered nights out and crazy martinis. The staff can be a bit prickly, but we’re willing to overlook their occasional ‘tudes for the dim lighting and excellent pizzas. And when the scene is too overrun with white wine girls, we just head to Christopher’s instead. It’s easy to find a seat without a reservation, and we adore their burgers and the sides of crispy yet soft fries.

Are you looking for roots rock and a crammed to the edges spot to grab a Wild Turkey before calling it a night? Then you probably already know to swing by Toad as you head home. Arriving early at this hotspot is your best bet, but we know with so many places to be, you can only find so much time for them all. Fun as it may all be, drink responsibly and have designated drivers, folks.

Lizard Lounge [Official Site]
Temple Bar [Official Site]
Christopher’s Restaurant and Bar [Official Site]
Toad [Official Site]

[Photo: helmet13/Flickr]


Drinking Up Mass Ave