Dessert Drama: The Bitter Tale Of Sweet Occasions

An eagle-eyed reader sent us a link to an intriguing post at the Edgewater Crime Blotter, which concisely addresses the mysterious and sudden closure of all the Sweet Occasions and More outlets about 6 weeks ago. But as our tipster notes, the real story is in the comments.

Let’s start at the beginning:

basically the owners of sweet occasions were crooks, who didn’t have any idea how to run a business or their limits. The list of people still owed money from these guys goes on and on. From landlords, to investors, to building contractors, to vendors, to employees and the government too. They cheated their vendors and customers believing they were buying a certain product…
And now the owner has dumped that business to start all over again under a new name…sweet thang from wicker park…new owners none other that the man himself…(under his new boyfriends name - clever!)

But of course there’s more — names get named, for example, in another comment:

The owners (or, should I say, former owners) had been delaying paychecks, accumulating outstanding amounts owed to employees and probably many other people, violating public heath codes and paying their employees with cash under the table for more than a year! John Richardson was never really around, so Andy Singer was the mastermind behind all of the foul play. Andy even lied to me and told me that the Clark St. and Damen stores “relocated” to Roscoe Village.

But it’s not just Andy… another commenter:

John Richardson is JUST as much to blame as Andy/Erik/Harold Singer (Hard to keep up, he changes his name SO often!) I have a pretty good suspicion that John is going to be opening up the location on Bryn Mawr…so is he going to pay any of the debt that still owed to everyone on the failed Andersonville store?? I doubt it.

Still with us? Because there’s also the part where Andy goes to London, which might or might not have been to turn a trick, oh and then there’s the epic missive from a former Sweet Occasions employee who notes the Land Rover, vacations in Spain, and blatant removal of cash from the till… well, at least they kept their names off the business.

Sweet Occasions Update [Edgewater Crime Blotter]

Dessert Drama: The Bitter Tale Of Sweet Occasions